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Trade Mark Guidelines

International Computer Works, Inc. Trademark Guidelines

International Computer Works, Inc. trademarks and service marks ("ICW trademarks") are valuable assets and we use our best efforts to protect them. Please respect our interests by using and crediting ICW trademarks according to these guidelines.


A. Product Reference

You may use ICW word marks to refer to the associated ICW products or services. For example, an ICW authorized reseller or distributor may advertise that it sells "GeoElections® software." You may also make fair use of ICW word marks to make accurate factual statements about ICW products or services identified by those marks.

B. Relationship of Products or Services

You may use ICW trademarks when you accurately indicate that your products or services are compatible with, designed for use with, or were designed using ICW products. For example, "for use with GeoElections® software" and "works with GeoElections® software" are permissible uses of our trademarks. In regular body text, these types of phrases may appear in the same type font as your regular product or service name. However, in advertising, product packaging and other collateral that displays your product or service name outside the body text or copy, the phrase should appear in text that is significantly smaller than the name of your product or service. For example:

ABC Resource Locator

(for GeoElections® software)

This avoids any suggestion that ICW produces or endorses your product or service.


A. Product or Service Names

You may not use ICW trademarks to name your products or services. To indicate a relationship or compatibility between ICW’s products or services and your products or services, use a tag line such as the one shown above in the section titled "Relationship of Products or Services." For example:

CORRECT: ABC Resource Locator

(for GeoElections® software)

INCORRECT: ABC Resource Locator GeoElections

B. Logos

ICW limits the use of its logos to certain authorized companies. For example, ICWs authorized resellers may use them to identify and advertise ICW products. Media organizations may use them to accurately identify ICW or its products.

C. Trade Dress

Imitating the look of ICW's trade dress or logos or type style could infringe on ICW's trademark rights. For example, you should not copy ICW packaging for use with your products or services.

D. Domain Names

You may not use ICW's trademarks or confusing variations of them as all or part of an Internet domain name. This could confuse Internet visitors about whether the Internet site was yours or ours. You also may not use our trademarks or confusing variations of them as meta tags or meta names designed to draw internet traffic to your web site. This could attract Internet users to your site when they are actually trying to reach ours.


Improper use of ICW’s trademarks could diminish their value as trademarks by causing them to become generic terms available for use by anyone. Therefore, when you use our marks, please follow these general guidelines:

A. Use as adjectives with generic terms. ICW's trademarks should be used as adjectives to modify generic words, and not as nouns or verbs. For example:

CORRECT: The GeoElecdtions® geocoding engine helps . . .

INCORRECT: GeoElections® is a geocoding engine that . . .

B. Do not use ICW trademarks in plural or possessive form. For example:

CORRECT: The advantages of the GeoElections® platform include . . .

INCORRECT: GeoElections’s® advantages include . . .

C. Do not use variations of ICW's trademarks. For example:

CORRECT: GeoElections® software


D. Use proper trademark notices or credits. Crediting ICW as the owner of our trademarks and using the appropriate symbols in combination with our trademarks helps protect our trademarks and make people aware of them. Please use our trademarks with the proper symbols or tag lines described below in section IV.

E. Make ICW's trademarks look distinctive. When you use ICW trademarks, you should use some means of distinguishing them. For example, you may type them in ALL CAPS or in quotes with "Initial Caps." You may also distinguish them with bold or italic type face or a different color type.


A. Symbols

Generally, you should identify our marks as registered trademarks (using the R-in-a-circle ®) or as unregistered trademarks (using the superscript TM ™) as appropriate. Check the ICW Trademark List to see how each mark should appear.

On products, packaging, publications, web pages, advertising, manuals and promotional materials, use the appropriate symbol next to the most prominent use of a trademark (e.g., in the largest text in an advertisement) and, if the materials contain body text, next to its first appearance in the body text of the document. For example:

(headline) GeoElections SOFTWARE WINS PRAISE

(body text) Experts attending a recent industry conference gave high marks to ICW's GeoElections® software.

B. Trademark Lines.

On all products, packaging, publications, web pages, advertising, manuals and promotional materials that display ICW trademarks, you should note that those trademarks belong to ICW. For example:

GeoELections is a registered trademark and [insert all other terms that you have used and that are listed on the ICW Trademkarks List [is a/are] trademark[s] or registered trademark[s] of International Computer Works, Inc., Temple Terrace, Florida.

These tag lines may be placed at the bottom or on the back of the materials, on a copyright page or in any other appropriate place where other credits are displayed. Remember that using tag lines is not a substitute for the proper use of ICW trademarks.


A list of ICW's trademarks are available here.

If you have specific questions or need additional information or clarification on the proper uses of ICW trademarks and logos, or if you have information concerning the misuse of our trademarks, you may contact us by regular mail at:

International Computer Works, Inc.
111 South Riverhills Drive
Temple Terrace, Florida 33617
Attn: Contracts Department