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October 2009dot Temple Terrace, FL dot www.icwmaps.com VOL. 6 NO.3 - star$.50

8th Annual GeoElections User’s Conference

December 16th-18th, 2009 at the Embassy Suites Hotel located at the University of South Florida will provide

Corporate Training

Guest Speakers Wanted

workshops and presentations ranging in topics from use of GeoElections to preparation for the upcoming phases of Census Redistricting. Guest speaker Catherine Clark McCully, Chief of Census Redistricting Data Office will discuss and answer questions about the role Census plays in redistricting and the up coming VTD Data Verification Phase.

ICW is looking for users to speak about creative ways they have used GeoElections to meet the business objectives of their offices, leveraging the work invested in their projects.

For more information about the GeoElections User’s Conference visit our web site at www.icwmaps.com and click Events>Conference to obtain a Registration Form and Topic Survey. Everything you will need to know and more.

Corporate Training

Hope to see you in December!


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Corporate Training

If you need to update to the most current version, simply follow the instructions printed on the screen which includes calling for help when in need.

Flagler County, FL Reports Florida Senate District 8 Results Election Night with ICW Web Based Election Results Reporting With Interactive Precinct Maps

“This is the first time in the history of our county we have been able to offer this level of service to our voters,” said Kimberle B. Weeks, Supervisor of Elections. She further explained, “We hope this will help to better inform our citizens and at the same time impress upon our young people the importance of participating in elections.” Initial results were posted at 8:48:36 PM Tuesday on www.Flaglerelections.com.

Similar to most election night reporting systems, the GeoElections® web based election results reporting and archiving module features both static and scrolling reports. An example is illustrated below.


The interactive precincts maps distinguish the GeoElections® feature from alternative systems by providing results at the precinct level with interactive maps as illustrated below.


Introduced at the Florida Association of Supervisor of Elections (FSASE) Summer Conference 2009 held in St. Augustine, Florida, over 40 (forty) elections officials participated in a product design exercise.

The 2010 Census Redistricting Data Program

(Following is an excerpt from a Census publication with updates to the timeline provided by ICW.)

Phase 1: State Legislative District Project (SLDP) –- 2005-2006 Participating states will provide their legislative district plans, codes, and names to the Census Bureau. A verification phase will follow resulting in data products for the post2000 Census legislative districts.

Phase 2: Voting District/Block Boundary Suggestion Project (VTD/BBSP) – 2007-2011 Participating states will provide their voting district plans, codes, and names to the Census Bureau. They may also submit suggested features as census tabulation blocks for the 2010 Census. A verification phase will follow.

Phase 3: Data Delivery for the 2010 Census Redistricting Data Program – 2010-2011 The Census Bureau will deliver geography products and population totals for the small areas defined in Phases 1 and 2 to the governor and majority and minority leaders of each state, no later than April 1, 2011, as mandated by Public Law 94-171.

Phase 4: Collection of the Post-2010 Census Redistricting Plans – 2012-2013 The Census Bureau will collect state legislative and congressional district plans using Phase 3 materials as the geographic base. The Census Bureau will provide geographic and data products, as required by law, to the U.S. Postal Service, Department of Justice, and Congress.

Phase 5: Evaluation and Recommendation for Census 2020 – 2012-2014 States will conduct a review documenting the success and failures of the Census Bureau to meet P.L. 94-171 requirements. A final publication will summarize the view of the states.

2010 Census P.L. 94-171 Timeline

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