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June 2008dot Temple Terrace, FL dot www.icwmaps.com VOL. 5 NO.2 - star$.50

Presented to: International Computer Works, Inc.

MapWorld 2008, the Pitney Bowes MapInfo Annual User Conference was held in Las Vegas where evidently everything that happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas because the following was announced in Vegas:


In recognition of exemplary performance in one or more areas of sales, growth and teamwork: This MapInfo partner had the highest combined software and data revenue of all state and local partners for FY07; and a year-over-year growth rate exceeding 40%. This long-standing partner has been a steadfast PBMI advocate and tireless ally in delivering innovative solutions such as their leading-edge GeoElections applications based on PBMI technology.

ICW Introduces


GeoCensusIQ® from International Computer Works, leverages over 3,000 demographic variables from the US Bureau of the Census linked to maps generated from TIGER/Line Files.


This easy-touse application is designed to enable both novice and expert GIS users alike to link variables from any of the tables contained within the Public Law (P. L.) 94-171 data with the corresponding geography (i.e. block, tract, etc.) and of course GeoCensusIQ® also works with the Summary File 1 (SF 1) and Summary File 3 (SF 3).

Of interest to officials in the elections industry is the P. L. 94-171 which includes population and household information with which districts for the US Congress and state legislatures are redrawn. The demographic data can also assist elections officials to determine when and where population totals reach the level to require alternate language ballots.

7th Annual GeoElections Conference

The 7th Annual Conference is scheduled for December 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2008. The conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel located at the University of South Florida.

Corporate Training

Guest Speakers Wanted

At each annual event, we have been fortunate to have very active and highly informed users contribute with technical presentations that reveal how they have used GeoElections and/or MapInfo Professional to meet the demands of their office. ICW is again looking for speakers to present at workshops during our 7th Annual Conference.



Consistent with their client centric approach to product development, Pitney Bowes MapInfo will release its latest version of their flagship product MapInfo Professional Version 9.5 in early June. As a result of numerous focus group meetings Version 9.5 includes new functionality consistent with key themes.

•2007 Focus Group Results

•MapInfo Pro 9.5 Key Themes

  • Ease of Use
  • Better Looking Maps
  • New Data Editing Tools
  • Extended Data Access
  • Enhanced Licensing & Deployment
  • MapBasic & .NET Programming

All GeoElections users will receive one or more no-cost copies of Version 9.5 corresponding to the licenses currently held under annual maintenance.

The people at ICW have worked with Beta Versions of 9.5 and confirmed that the complete suite of GeoElections software will operate with Version 9.5, providing the GeoElections user base with a trouble free upgrade path.

Another Successful Training Class At ICW Corporate HQ

Professionals from a central Florida corporate client attended a one day introductory training session in the use of MapInfo Professional at the ICW offices. Students enjoyed participating in technical classes expanding their knowledge in the use of GIS to address some of the mission critical tasks of their professional positions.


ICW has provided training services to clients at their Temple Terrace, FL facilities since 1996. The diversity of organizations who have utilized these services include professionals from elections, 911/public safety, USGS, city governments, school administration, real estate, distribution, telecommunications, newspapers and TV, USDA and many others.

The focus of the training has been on MapInfo Professional or as a component technology upon which applications such as GeoElections®, GeoBuilder®, GeoNENA®, GeoCensusIQ® and other ICW applications have been built. All of which extend the power of MapInfo Professional while adapting specific functionality to vertical industry needs.

One of several major factors in the success of ICW as a MapInfo training provider stems from the core philosophy, “design the training to meet the specific needs of the client”, including the use of client data. In addition to learning about their own data real work is completed.

ICW Addresses New US

Census Geographic Data With GeoAuthor®

Innovation continues where geography and imagination converge. As the target moves, the people at ICW respond with the next generation of editing tools to meet the needs of a diverse user base.

The U.S. Census Bureau has started distributing their next version of geography, TIGER/Line Shape files. This new format will be included as a component of the P.L. 94-171 data used for redistricting and great for use with GeoElections. GeoAuthor®, developed by ICW, is designed to work with the Bureau’s new data and other external source data.

GeoAuthor® is designed with over a decade of experience in the creation, support, and maintenance of our existing tools which have and will continue to provide ICW users with the correct measure of power and utility.

Look for GeoAuthor® coming to an office near you.