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ICW Is Awarded Contract From AMR Burlingame, CA

One might ask, “What relevance does a contract award from American Medical Response, an ambulance service provider have to do with an elections software firm?”

The answer is simple, “It all begins with the map.” ICW has been providing software and services to emergency responders since 1997. The applications include the same editing software used with our suite of elections applications. Similar to the way GeoElections is designed to interoperate with voter registration systems, our 911 product, GeoBuilder interoperates with computer aided dispatch (CAD).

There is a synergy with this paradigm. The component technology that ICW uses within the 911 products is incorporated by design into our elections products. Ergo, if it can pass the test for saving life, limb and property it is likely an accurate platform to aid in the precision elections officials look for to accomplish their mission.


Counties included in the contract are displayed in the map above

Another Success -The Fourth Annual GeoElections Conference

GeoElections users from four states participated in the 4th Annual GeoElections Conference conducted at the Embassy Suites Hotel on the Campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa December 5th thru the 7th, 2005.

GeoElections WebTools
Implementation In Putnam County,
OH Makes National News

Government Technology Magazine located at 100 Blue Ravine Rd., Folsom, CA 95630 and on the web at http://www.govtech.net/magazine/ is running a story about the Putnam County, OH and the ICW applications for the office of elections.


The story was first carried in the web magazine GISCafe.com.


The story was then picked up by another web based publication, Directions Magazine.


At the end of the day, the national attention this project has attained is a credit to the officials in Putnam County, OH. The people at ICW can build the software but it takes a dedicated group of public servants to put it to work.

5th Annual
User’s Conference

The Roman numeral for 5 is V. It is derived from a representation of an outstretched hand.

The 5th Annual GeoElections User’s Conference is scheduled for December 6th, 7th and 8th. The conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel located at the University of South Florida. This year we extend an outstretched hand to invite counties who do not currently use GeoElections to join our conference.

Guest Speakers Wanted

ICW is looking for volunteers to speak at workshops during the 5th Annual User’s Conference.

Thank You To Speakers At The 2005 Conference

Speakers last year were outstanding and including: Will Boyete, Alachua; and Kevin Kelly, Manatee.