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January 2006 dot Temple Terrace, FL dot www.icwmaps.com VOL. 3 NO.1 - star$.50

Another Success -The Fourth Annual GeoElections Conference

GeoElections users from four states participated in the 4th Annual GeoElections Confence conducted at the Embassy Suites Hotel on the Campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa December 5th thru the 7th.



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Putnam County 1st In Ohio

newsmaker_vol_3_no_1_1A new link is available on the Putnam County Board of Elections Website, MAPS & MORE. Building upon the GeoElections implementation the staff has recently completed, citizens of all ages will have access to election data through interactive maps. Director Ginger Price said, “The ability to introduce elections information and lessons into thenewsmaker_vol_3_no_1_1 classrooms over the web through interactive maps is very exciting. Our Putnam County Board of Elections is the first in the state to do this for citizens of all ages.” She added, “We do not send out individual sample ballots in Ohio. Offering ballots specific to the household on the web will allow our voters to be better informed on election day. Taking less time to cast their ballots, the lines at the polling places should be shorter.”