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December 2017dot Temple Terrace, FL dot www.icwmaps.com VOL. 14 NO.5 - star$.50

Phase 2 - Voting District Project Major Topic At Conference


The 2017-18 Version 2 files are available from the Census website displayed above. Alternatively, one can go to ftp://ftp2.census.gov/geo/pvs/ and down load files from the FTP site. The easiest location for those interested in five or fewer files is https://www.census.gov/geo/maps-data/data/partnership.html.



Florida training session for GeoAuthorVTD Edition, 12/08/2017. Using the menus to the left and the functionality of Bing Aerials and reference files from shp, dwg, dgn, etc. makes any level of participation easier for the end-user.