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May 2014dot Temple Terrace, FL dot www.icwmaps.com VOL. 11 NO.1 - star$.50


If you are using GeoElections and have not registered at the forum, take the plunge. While the Romans celebrated democracy in the Forum as we were taught in world history classes, the GeoElections community does not require travel to participate in the open exchange of ideas or debate just let your fingers do the walking. The online forum is one of several action items the people at ICW responded to as a result of the constructive input of the attendees at the 12th Annual GeoElections Conference.


If you have not registered, simply go to www.geoelectionsforum.com and click on the Need to register? active link and follow the step-by-step online instructions to become a registered member.

Additionally, new features were added to the menus for both GeoAuthor and GeoElections. The About menu option pop-out illustrated below provides the user with instant access to a host of features new to both applications.


The Check for Updates command opens a browser and connects to the ICW Download page where the user can check for the most current version of the software. Info on this page lists the Program Version, Date Created, and Version

Created For referring to the version of MI Pro. Go To GeoElections Forum only appears in the GeoElections menu and takes the user to www.geoelectionsforum.com.

The Go To ICWMaps.com command opens the home page of www.icwmaps.com.

Go To Support connects to the ICW Contact Us page where contact information is provided for obtaining technical support.

The user can obtain the serial number and version number for their installation from the About menu option.

Listening to the constructive requests of the GeoElections users in attendance at the 12th Annual GeoElections Conference, the people at ICW are able to build and deliver better applications.

Biggest Change Since the Introduction of MapInfo for Windows In 1990!

The road map published by Pitney Bowes Software, Inc. (PBSI) for MapInfo Professional (MI Pro) presents a striking departure from the familiar interface with which MI Pro users have grown so accustomed.


The 32 bit version of MapInfo Professional 12.5 will be released in June and the 64 bit version in October along with a new interface for both the 32 and the 64 bit versions with the October surprise. The image below is a prototype that will titillate the imagination of veteran MI Pro users.


The new look of the prototype opens some fascinating possibilities. And, no doubt someone has taken a queue from the GUI found in Microsoft Office and/or other applications that have subscribed to the Microsoft User Interface Design Guidelines. Look at the excel ribbon below for example.


This is a bold step for the folks at PBSI to make with their iconic flagship application, MI Pro. And, probably time to make it. Go to http://prezi.com/tzmswzs7etja/mapinfo-professional-roadmap-120-to-125-and-beyond/ or http://www.basarsoft.com.tr/konferans13/tom_eng.pdf to see bulleted lists of new features replete with snazzy illustrations and more. Google “mapinfo 12.5” and you will find responses in languages from across the world reflecting the truely international impact MI Pro has around the globe.